Gopher, Everett?

Posted on March 14, 2015



“Care for a gopher, Everett?”

Halfway through my ride this afternoon I noticed that a black pickup had slowed down and was tailing me at close to my speed. Not surprisingly, this gave me pause as the intent of the driver wasn’t self-evident. I’m usually only watchful for dogs so I wasn’t particularly concerned as I waited for him to make a move. It wasn’t long before he came up alongside me and rolled down his passenger window. “I’m just wondering if you’ve seen any gophers today?” he said. “Why no,” I said, “I haven’t seen any today,” thinking, I haven’t seen much of anything except for horses and crows. “Oh well,” he said with a huge grin, “probably not warm enough yet.” And then he slowly moved ahead of me and left me to my thoughts. I immediately focused on one of my favorite scenes from one of the best movies ever made. Now it was my turn to sport a big grin. “No thanks, Delmar, a third of a gopher’d only arouse my appetite before beddin’ her back down again.” IMG_1386