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Gopher, Everett?

March 14, 2015


Halfway through my ride this afternoon I noticed that a black pickup had slowed down and was tailing me at close to my speed. Not surprisingly, this gave me pause as the intent of the driver wasn’t self-evident. I’m usually only watchful for dogs so I wasn’t particularly concerned as I waited for him to […]

Parks and Trails Day 2014

February 27, 2014


We have received the following information a couple of times  (maybe you have also) and thought we’d pass it along: Last week it was Frostbike 2014 at Quality Bicycle Parts in Bloomington and next week its Parks and Trails Day on the Hill in St. Paul. The bike community has a lot on its plate […]

Bikes I’ve Known and Loved

June 20, 2012


I’ve been reminiscing recently about the bikes I’ve known in my life. I wish that I had pictures of  of them, but I haven’t been able to find any. I think that’s strange since I was on them so much, but taking pictures of everything that moves is really a phenomenon of the digital era. […]

Which Tribe is Yours?

June 17, 2012


Do you belong to “Riders of the Century” or “Those Who Chase Each Other in the Woods?” Are you a “Charity Rider” or one of those “The Mass is Critical” types? Possibly, like me, you belong to more than one tribe. Mike Magnuson, a writer and a blogger for Bicycling magazine has just published a new […]

Pedal-Driven: A Bikeumentary

May 29, 2012


I learned about Pedal-Driven: A Bikeumentary when I recently renewed my membership in IMBA, International Mountain Biking Association. In addition to the predictable thank you letter, I also received a DVD with a 3 minute trailer for the movie. The trailer was so good that I ordered the complete movie (and T-shirt and water bottle […]

May is National Bike Month!

April 29, 2012


National Bike Month is just around the corner. Embedded in the 31 days of May is Bike To Work Week and Bike to School Day. I’ve participated in a couple of Bike to Work Weeks in the past decade, but was surprised to learn today that Bike Month has been around since 1956! Bike to […]

From the Gulf to the Gophers

April 26, 2012


As I was going west on Rice County #8 on my ride last Sunday, I spotted a guy doing about 20 down his long driveway enroute to joining us on the tarmac and I wasn’t sure he saw me so I slowed down. As he zipped into a right hander about 10 yards from me […]